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Smashing Times Theatre and Film Company Mission Statement

Smashing Times – Theatre for Change
Performance, Training, Participation

Smashing Times is a professional theatre and film company involved in performance, training and participation. The work is underpinned by a rights-based approach and a commitment to artistic excellence and social engagement. The company has five high profile patrons – Sabina Higgins, Áras an Uachtaráin First Lady; Joan Freeman, CEO, Pieta House; Ger Ryan, Actor; Tim Pat Coogan, Author and Historian; and Mary Lawlor, founder of Front Line Defenders.

As a leading professional arts organisation the company develops innovative, cutting edge, state of the art projects that promote social justice, gender equality and human rights through high quality artistic processes. The company creates radical work using a multi-disciplinary approach to performance involving a synthesis of the spoken word, physical theatre, movement, dance, music, visual art, video and film. Artistic processes are theatre and storytelling workshops, multi-disciplinary performances, post-show discussions, video and film, interviews, creative seminars symposiums, professional outreach and educational projects. The company promotes artistic creation, diversity and social change and merges art, culture and politics to interact and engage with contemporary society and the world we live in.

Smashing Times is committed to:

  • Professional Performance and Post-Show Discussions.
  • Creative Artist and Youth Ensembles.
  • Professional Outreach – Theatre in Social and Applied Contexts and direct access for local communities and communities of interest.
  • Theatre for change – Supporting the use of theatre as a form of knowledge and as a means of transforming society so as to promote social justice, gender equality and human rights.
  • National and International Links & research between professional & participatory theatre.

The company was established in 1991 by a group of women actors, who met at the Focus Theatre, Dublin. These women were interested in challenging the elitist position that theatre sometimes holds in Irish society. Today the work takes place at local, national and transnational levels and is presented in a range of settings from the professional theatre space to on tour in schools and communities where we are invited to work with people collaboratively. 



Standards of Excellence and Core Values

The company aims to promote a shared set of standards for excellence. These are:

  • Artistic Excellence: The work of the company is underpinned by a commitment to artistic excellence and high performance standards.
  • Ethics: The work is underpinned by a rights-based approach and a commitment to artistic excellence and social engagement including social justice, human rights and dignity, gender equality,  participation, empowerment, experimentation, risk taking, innovation and transformation.
  • Collaboration: The company works collaboratively with other similar organisations and sectors to achieve its goals.
  • Governance: We have an independent and voluntary Board of Directors governing the organisation. The organisation is legally incorporated and committed to carrying out aims and objectives that support its mission statement.
  • Professional Management And Performance: The organisation has a management structure and appropriate operating policies and procedures to serve its mission and utilise its resources well. Competent and responsible paid employees operate and staff the organisation.
  • Effectiveness, Scale And Sustainability: The organisation supports a) programme effectiveness and scale and b) organisational and programme sustainability.
  • Leadership And Participation: The organisation is a leader in the practice and development of professional theatre and film and theatre in social and applied contexts.

History & Archives

Smashing Times Theatre and Film Company is currently in the process of archiving the company’s work from the past two decades. If you have previously worked with the company and have anything you would like to submit please get in touch.


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