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Drama for Change is a three-year partnership project that runs from 2014 to 2017. Smashing Times has partnered with four other countries from Germany, Bulgaria, Spain and the Netherlands for this project. The project uses creative methods to develop training models for adult educators, using the arts to promote anti-racism, equality and diversity and is funded by Erasmus Plus – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices.


The University of Turku, Finland, (2005) study called Drama: A Way to Social Inclusion states that drama is an ideal medium for promoting social change and the inclusion of marginalised groups within society. The work builds confidence and creates opportunities for participants to identify and address their own needs rather than having those needs dictated from above or through the formal education system.   Participatory drama (not just any drama) is considered a democratic and critical device for learning, where both the ”teachers” and ”pupils” learn from each other, and more precisely learn and work together.

Specific objectives

  1. To conduct a period of research across all partner countries:
    1. To conduct research on best practice in each partner country to promote equality, inclusion and anti racism.
    2. To develop and distribute a questionnaire to stakeholder organisations in order to identify the needs of teachers wishing to learn how to use drama and theatre games and exercises to promote issue based work.
  1. Based on the needs identified as part of the period of research, to develop a curriculum to provide training for teachers working with young people and adults on how to use theatre to promote gender equality, inclusion and anti-racism work. To display the information on EPALE or on another web portal and a copy of the training in a interactive PDF format. This includes:
    1. Theories and policy in relation to guiding principals for teachers using creative methods to educate young people and adults on issues of equality, inclusion and anti racism.
    2. A range of drama and theatre games and exercises which can be adapted to explore issues of equality, inclusion and anti racism.
    3. A Toolbox of Resources to accompany the training.
    4. A video demonstration of a selection of exercises and to distribute this video to key project partners.
  1. To create a sub group of partners to develop a draft version of the curriculum including:
    1. Test sections of the curriculum by all partners.
    2. Develop the first draft of the curriculum.
    3. Pilot elements of the curriculum in partner countries and gather feedback from trainees on curriculum and tool box.
    4. Finalize the curriculum and toolbox.
  1. To conduct an Awareness and Dissemination plan to promote project outputs and to run multiplier events issuing press releases and newsletters.


– Research on current theory and policy on equality, inclusion and anti racism in each partner country.

– Research on the needs of adult educators in relation to using drama techniques to promote equality, inclusion and anti racism in the partner countries.

– The development of a Tool Box of Resources for adult educators in each partner country including theory and policy on equality, inclusion and anti racism work.

– A list of principals underlying use of drama techniques to be conducted with adult learners.

– A list of drama and theatre games and exercises and how they can be used to  promote equality, inclusion and anti-racism work.

– Video demonstrations of how to use a selection of the drama and theatre games and exercises with a step by step approach to running the games and exercises.

– A list of organisations providing support, information and advocacy in partner countries and all the information will be made available in each partner language.

– Web portal to host the Toolbox of Resources including an on line forum for educators to discuss the issues arising and copies of the tool box will developed into an interactive PDF in each partner language to be distributed.

– A full curriculum providing detailed information for training trainers on how to use drama and theatre techniques to promote equality, inclusion and anti racism work.

– A pilot test run of the training in Ireland training representatives from each of the partner counties .


Smashing Times Theatre Company (Ireland) – Co ordinator  www.smashingtimes.ie

Dialoge language institute (Germany) www.dialoge.com

Instituto de Formacion y Estudios Sociales (Spain) www.ifes.es

Pressure Line (Netherland)  www.pressureline.nl

Ku Tu Ltd (Bulgaria)  www.kutu-bg.eu


Drama for Change – ‘Still I Rise’ European Symposium and Performance 


Venue: Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin
Date / Time: 28 April 2017, 1.30pm-6pm

The Still I Rise Smashing Times Theatre for Change European Symposium and Performance takes place at Smock Alley Theatre, Main Space, Dublin on 28 April 2017, from 1.30 to 6pm. This event brings together Irish and international artists and guest speakers to explore the role of the creative arts to promote anti-racism, gender equality and diversity in adult education and is open to artists, educators and the general public. 

The international guest speaker is Dijana Milošević, an award winning theatre director, writer and lecturer and Artistic Director of DAH Theatre, Serbia and the Irish guest speakers are John Scott, Artistic Director, Irish Modern Dance Theatre; Mary Moynihan, theatre and film maker,  Artistic Director, Smashing Times and Lectuer, DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama; Mary Duffin,  Theatre Maker, TOTO Practitioner and Screenwriter and Shane O’ Curry, Director, ENAR Ireland.

The symposium features a performance of Still I Rise made up of Mary Elmes (from The Woman is Present: Women’s Stories of WWII by Mary Moynihan, Fiona Thompson and Paul Kennedy, based on the life of Cork woman Mary Elmes who worked with Spanish and Jewish refugees and was the first Irish person honoured as ‘Righteous Among Nations’ for her working saving lives from the Nazi gas chambers during WWII), performed by Róisín Mc Atamney; a dance performance from Fall and Recover by Irish Modern Dance Theatre and a recital of the powerful and defiant Still I Rise by Maya Angelou, the American poet and Civil Rights activist,  performed by Mary Duffin.


Participants attending the symposium are invited to take part in a theatre workshop. There are two workshops running simultaneously that aim to deliver high-level training for educators and artists and all those interested in using the arts in social contexts to promote gender equality, anti-racism and diversity. The workshops are:

Staging a Revolution: Exploring the role of the arts to promote and affirm Gender Equality and Diversity

Smashing Times Theatre and Film Company have invited specialist artist Dijana Milošević , an award winning theatre director, writer and lecturer and Artistic Director of DAH Theatre, Serbia, to come to Ireland to deliver a talk and theatre workshop with reference to gender equality, diversity and peace and the development of skills in the production of socially and politically engaged arts-based work. As international guest speaker, Dijana firstly discusses her work as Artistic Director of DAH Theatre, Serbia, the challenges of creating and directing politically engaged theatre in a post-war environment, and the role of theatre arts when promoting inclusion in post conflict communities following the break up of the former Yugoslavia. In the workshop Dijana explores using the arts to affirm Gender Equality, Anti-Racism and Diversity at local, national and international levels.

Addressing Diversity through Drama, approaching issues of Anti-Racism and Discrimination

Chrissie Poulter, Head of Drama in the Samuel Beckett Centre at Trinity College Dublin facilitates a unique workshop addressing diversity through drama, exploring the use of artistic processes to promote anti-racism and speak out against discrimination. Chrissie Poulter is a theatre-maker and teacher committed to ‘socially-engaged’ arts practice.


The symposium culminates in the launch of a collaboratively designed Drama for Change Curriculum and Toolbox of Resources with research and video demonstrations on how to conduct theatre games and exercises. The new curriculum will be made available on-line in digital format, to provide adult educators with the skills necessary to work with adult learners through a creative medium in order to promote anti-racism, gender equality and diversity.


Artists and Guest Speakers

• Dijana Milosevic, Theatre Director
• John Scott, Artistic Director
• Mary Moynihan, Theatre and Film Maker
• Mary Duffin, Theatre Maker, TOTO Practitioner and Screenwriter
• Shane O’Curry, Director, ENAR Ireland


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