Chrissie Poulter

Chrissie Poulter is a director, trainer and mentor who teaches at the Samuel Beckett Centre in Trinity College Dublin.

She has just returned from a three-year career break spent with her parents in Yorkshire. It was there, as a teenager, that Chrissie joined Leeds Youth Theatre Workshop and began a life in theatre which has seen her direct students, opera singers, actors, youth leaders, children, neighbourhood theatre groups and anyone else with a story to tell or a perception to share … from Belfast to the Basque Country, Poland to the South of France … different voices, different languages but always the shared language of theatre performance …

Chrissie has taught at the Drama League of Ireland summer school in Limerick as well as at the Gormanston summer schools in the late 80s. Indeed it was the experience with the Amateur movement that led her to apply to Trinity back in 1990. She taught at Birmingham University in the 70s, was drama officer and deputy director of Yorkshire Arts in the 80s and kept up her theatre-making and trainings throughout. This brought her to Belfast in 1979 to work with Neighbourhood Open Workshop, followed in the 80s and 90s with community plays, The Quest (a project with sculptors, primary schools and performance in nine villages in Co Down) and youth theatre shows in Enniskillen.

Chrissie has adjudicated both full-length and one-act theatre festivals both North and South of the border. She is author of Playing the Game.

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